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Handcrafted fine wood furniture

Quilted Mahogany “The Tree”

The Quilted Mahogany in this dressing table is a very special wood, a wood that has become a legend. In 1965, a party of loggers discovered a large mahogany tree in the Jungle of Belize – over 100 feet high, 10 feet in diameter at the base, 50 feet to the first branch.  Loggers take […]

Unique Handcrafted Woodwork & Design

Things that are Cuckoo

Seems like today there is plenty of fodder for this train of thought. Woodworking does offer a chance at social commentary. My home is a remaining agricultural valley jewel, between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. The Skagit Valley is a daily thoroughfare for mile long coal trains headed for export to China. This wall […]

Unique Handcrafted Woodwork & Design

Yipes Stripes. Studio furniture.

This bench started years ago, when I was selecting construction material for a project I was working on. The lumber was purchased at a local lumber yard and loaded in the truck. I was about to fasten this piece with nails when I noticed that it was clear no knots. I set it aside and […]

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