Things that are Cuckoo

Unique Handcrafted Woodwork & Design

Seems like today there is plenty of fodder for this train of thought. Woodworking does offer a chance at social commentary.

Train Clock
Shovel in a little more coal.

My home is a remaining agricultural valley jewel, between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. The Skagit Valley is a daily thoroughfare for mile long coal trains headed for export to China. This wall clock was inspired after a close-up view at a rail crossing. This vision started me calculating how big the hole must be in the Powder River Country, where the coal comes from.

Walnut Cuckoo Clock
Plantsanto brings you bigger and better vegetables.

With genetically engineered everything moving forward at a rapid pace.  It is only a matter of time till they overwhelm even our tall tales’ version of higher than an elephants eye, or vegetables bigger than your house.