Yipes Stripes. Studio furniture.

Unique Handcrafted Woodwork & Design

This bench started years ago, when I was selecting construction material for a project I was working on. The lumber was purchased at a local lumber yard and loaded in the truck. I was about to fasten this piece with nails when I noticed that it was clear no knots. I set it aside and it ended up at the bottom of a pile of construction lumber that seems to follow me through life.


Years later after moving the pile once again I brought the piece into the workshop and planned it exposing the beautiful striped pattern. Zebrawood which came out of a stash from years ago with its gorgeous striped pattern seemed like a match made in heaven.

This brings up the topic of using rare tropical hardwoods. I get that these woods that I treasure are a limited resource. While working in Indonesia I helped create a certification program for plantation grown teak used in outdoor garden furniture. Working with the Government of Indonesia and international environmental organizations, a program was put in place that verifies that teak used comes from a sustainable forest. A verification system was put in place from the forest to the manufacturer. Indonesia unlike the US of A does not export raw logs so that jobs are created to take advantage of sound forestry practices.

I personally treat these rare woods as jewels and respect their qualities. When I use these woods in a piece of furniture, I would like to think these small amounts I use will be appreciated for years to come.