Shelter from the Storm

Stuart's Woodworking Studio

My workshop has been a refuge from the tumultuous events that surround us in this day and age. A familiar sense of order and sometimes disorder, sets the stage when my door opens in the morning. I am fortunate to have a well-equipped shop with a collection of tools and machines collected over a lifetime. My studio is the base to express my imagination on wood and practice my craft.

Over the fifty plus years I have made furniture and wooden items, I have had five different workshops. Moving has always been an arduous task. Forklifts to move the heavy cast iron machines and friends to move the wood stash, are part of the process. Then there is the wiring, lighting, dust collection and some sort of heat. My current studio is forty by forty feet and is on a property owned by my wife and I, negating any more moves.

In the past I have had employees to assist with production, now I am at a point in my life where I enjoy working by myself. Self-isolation, the new buzzword in these difficult times has not been a chore for me. I treasure the moments when time becomes a blur, when I’m lost in the process of making. I feel so lucky to continue my craft with tunes on the radio and a warm wood stove. My fortress of solitude has served me well.